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“What We Love Most About Life” – the Autistic Not Weird book

An uplifting, positive resource to teach autistic young people that they’re not alone.


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For those who want the ANW logo on a hoodie (I’m surprised by how many people have asked for this!)


Dead Boy Running – a novel about a 12-year-old escaping gang-related manipulation.


Are you tired of characters with special needs being tokenised and based on stereotypes, or being the victims rather than the heroes? This novel series may interest you!

Underdogs, a near-future dystopia series where the heroes are teenagers with special needs, is a character-driven war story which pitches twelve people against an army of millions, balancing intense action with a deeply developed neurodiverse cast.

Book one can be found here:

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Chris Bonnello is a national and international autism speaker, available to lead talks and training sessions from the perspective of an autistic former teacher. For further information please click here (opens in new window).
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