Consultation opportunities

After the first 2020 lockdown began, I decided to offer my services to followers and readers via Zoom, Skype, and Messenger. To this day, I am very happy to continue to offer Skype consultations on a wide range of topics.

What are consultations? My consultations are typically hour-long appointments where the discussion is entirely on your terms. They are safe spaces to discuss autism-related issues affecting you and/or those you love, in a supportive and non-judgemental environment – to someone with both personal and professional experience with autism.

What can they be about? Within reason, whatever you like. For reference, previous clients have sought my insights about:

  • Autism in education;
  • Finding/coping with employment as an autistic person;
  • Parenting autistic young people;
  • Discovering oneself as a recently diagnosed autistic person;
  • Mathematics tuition, novel-writing advice and chess lessons;
  • “Geek-out sessions” about Rubik’s cubes!

Honestly, I meet my clients where they are and run the sessions on their terms. The anxiety of talking about vulnerable topics can be challenging, and I recognise how an accommodating approach can help enormously.

What is your experience/expertise? I always make clear what I am and what I am not. So with this in mind…

I am:

  • An autistic adult;
  • A special needs tutor in a school for autistic students;
  • Formerly a mainstream primary school teacher;
  • An award-winning speaker and writer on autism-related topics;
  • A published novelist and creative writing tutor;
  • A range of other things, largely described on my about page.

I am not:

  • A therapist. (I do have a Level 2 Certificate in Counselling Concepts, which isn’t quite as impressive as it sounds.)

What are your rates? These prices are based on hour-long sessions, although I am flexible with time. There is also a discount on any subsequent sessions you may ask for, as the majority of my clients later ask to meet again – some have even become weekly appointments.

  One-hour session Subsequent sessions
UK £40 £30
USA $55 USD $40 USD
Canada $70 CAD $55 CAD
Australia $75 AUD $60 AUD
New Zealand $80 NZD $60 NZD
Eurozone €45 €35


How do I set up an appointment? You can either message me via Autistic Not Weird’s Facebook page, or you can email “chris [at] autisticnotweird [dot] com” (obviously place the @ and . accordingly- just making my email address unreadable to spambots). I take appointments from all over the world, so any time zone issues can be easily worked around.


Whether you feel that a one-off session can help you, or whether you even want multiple appointments, feel free to get in touch.

Chris Bonnello