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Welcome to the Autistic Not Weird Hall of Fame!

The people who appear on this page are those wonderful enough to support Autistic Not Weird via my Patreon page in exchange for various rewards. Here is a list of people who are responsible for my advocacy work to becoming an actual job.

(Photos and quotes (and content of quotes!) entirely optional.)


Autistic Not Weird Hall of Fame


Julie Clarke


“Proud to support someone who wants to raise awareness, acceptance and understanding regarding autism. Thankful for the honest, open and personal stories shared that in return offer amazing support, ideas and help to parents like myself. Both of these will impact Eliza’s life and ours for the better. Best of luck for what I think will be a very successful future.”


Kendra Johnson

I just love Autistic Not Weird and feel so honoured to be able to support it. Thank you so much for everything you have created so far, Chris! May the future bring you ever more success


Lesley Woodall

“Chris’s unique perspective, refreshingly positive outlook and brilliant writing has been so helpful for me and my family already. Very pleased to be able to help support ANW’s future.”

Helen Souter

“Supporting on behalf of my eldest son.”


Rob Lyons


“Autistic Not Weird has helped us keep perspective in a challenging world.”


Frances Bright


Daphne Clemmitt

“Warriors United!”


Merryl Watkins

“ANW brings together people from around the world, giving them insight, support, strength, and a sense of community. Chris makes a positive difference in the world.”

Carly Murray


Sara Underwood


Kirsty Finn

“It’s a privilege to be able to support Chris in following his dream as ANW has helped and supported me so much now we know we are on the journey of living with ASD.”


Kelly Kemp


“Celebrating all those who are Autistic, Not Weird, just like my daughter Freya!”

Susan Wolfe


Kay Spriggs

“Autism is not a processing error, it is a different operating system.”


Helen Dawson


“Chris is AWESOME” -Michael

“We LOVE what you are doing and 100% support.” -Helen

Janine Toohey


Maureen Baxter


“Celebrate differences, without them we would all be boring! ? ANW is a great place to discover diversity.”


Mona Puttick


Caroline John


“Supporting the awesome work Chris does because my son too is autistic not weird!”


Tanja Collins



Callie Shackleton

"Incredibly proud to support Chris in his wonderful work as an autism advocate and on behalf of my autistic not weird son, Samuel"

“Incredibly proud to support Chris in his wonderful work as an autism advocate and on behalf of my autistic not weird son, Samuel.”


Yasmin Larkin


“With having three children with autism [eldest pictured], my biggest wish is for the world to understand them, for the world to accept them exactly as they are. The only way to get this is by having people like Chris spend their time spreading awareness.”

Sandy Wild


“Let your smile change the world, but don’t let the world change your smile.”

Julie Werrett


Sally Dalwood


Louisa Middleweek


Rosalind Weinstock

“Thank you for the insight, inspiration and support ANW provides.”


Victoria Strudwick


Carrie Varouhakis


Kristi Liles


Lois Groat


Luana Spinetti

“I’m honored to support such a kind person who does his best to spread correct information about autism, and love and compassion for both autistics and non-autistics. The world needs more human beings like Chris, building bridges and not walls. Thank you for creating Autistic Not Weird!”


Jennie Strong


Yann Vernier


Kristen Papucci


Sarah Whiting


Leanne Hunt

I’m proud to support the work of ANW on behalf of my five year old son. Chris’ articles have been a great source of advice for me and have helped me to look at things from my son’s perspective. ANW has also helped friends and family to better understand autism, particularly as the way it affects a person is not always visible.


Vikki Prichard

Proud to be able to give back to Chris for the support he gave us, and to assist him and ANW in helping others. It’s about having safe space, where people can relate and share both the good and the bad, and knowing we are not alone.


Owen Morris


Trish Hart


Ilja Drost

“Chris is doing a great job in bringing more positive awareness to autism. As a mum to a son with Asperger’s I feel awareness and understanding is desperately needed! I truly believe the possibilities are endless as long as people are given a fair chance. My son Lucca is proud of who he is and I couldn’t agree with him more! That is what I wish for everyone…. to be proud of who you are and to be respected! Chris, keep up the good work!”


Claus Liberg Rasmussen


Sarah Erickson


Lisa Robbins


Dana Maya

“I love the work Chris is doing and I am happy to help him devote more time to autism advocacy. ANW provides a safe, supportive space to learn, support, and cherish the awesomeness of autism.”


Karl and Naomi Thornley


Madison Reynolds


Stephanie Johnson


Bernie Folan


Cheri Norris Heupel


Aaron Smith


Michel Landry




Anonymous supporter


Pia Roberge


Ruairi Hipkin


Cassandra Prucha


Emily Betz


Emma Ellard

“The only thing important in life is being happy ?


Simon Morley


Poppy Dyer


Christie Groves


Mary Ford


Laura Martin


Suzanne Brooks


Faye Nailard


John Mannin


Amy Fox


Elizabeth Howell


Catherine Harris


Robyn Salter


Steve August


Kathryn Palmer


Jessica Szucki


Kimberly Jones


Rachel Cropley


Jo Taylor


Pam Black


Sarah Chambers-Tonner


Linda Douglas


Julie Erwin


Dionne Booth


Melissa Phillips


Cathryn Marson


The Mayes Family


Dorina Bizhga


Lucy Curtis


Sabine d’Mello




Sally Moulding


Debra Knights


Carys Mackintosh


Katie Knowles


Amy Sironen


Gail Bunyan


Robyn Abbott


Michelle Casserley


Lana Kolaric


Sarah Steel


Libby Bell


Sue Blair


Leland Eggleston


Vicki Turner


Justine Knott


Inken Contreras Koelmel

“All that is gold does not glitter, not all those who wander are lost.”


Elizabeth Soutar


Janell Allen


Wendy Hanks


Kris Mosqueda


Joan Lanigan


Jessica Luk


Angela Reynolds


Amanda Westerlund


Jonathan Key


Karen Ralston


Melody Jackson


Rowan Bradley


Maria Cook


Aralia Sørenson


Helen England


Tracy Humphreys

“I really think Chris brings a unique perspective to the autism discussion. There is a massive amount of information out there and what he brings still stands out.”


Michael Slater


Leeann Bassett


Tammy Watkins


Tammie Natale


Elly Marillier


Laura Binns


Shannon Christensen


Nicola Bruce


Julie Cole Borghello


Ben Turner


Shayne Frost

“The work amazing work that Chris does and the community he has created have helped us immensely.
Plus he’s a really great guy! Thank you from the Frost family.”


Vicky Berry


Eleanor Cain


Carina Signori

“Being part of this group gave me the possibility to see beyond what I thought I knew about my son. Thank you very much Chris for putting all of us together to be there for each other!”


Zelda Fenney


Ingvild Lid


Jane Lake


Kris Deutch


Alexandra Barnes


Renée Sommer


Maria Reynolds


Andrea Tolchinsky


Rebecca Gelsi


Irene Valdez


Jo Sharp


Paul Micallef (aka Asperger’s from the Inside)

“Autistic behaviour is human behaviour.”




Vanessa Phillips

Kathryn Bateson

“I feel very lucky that we found Chris and his work so early in our autism chaos. His advice and his positive but honest viewpoint has helped us find our way through the autism maze….and will continue to do so as we continue to navigate our path. I am very happy to have this opportunity to support Chris in his work to raise awareness and advocate for parents and children alike.”


Tara McGovern

“Attunement not atonement.”


Nicoletta Sacco


Carly Day

“Honoured to be able to support Chris in his work. He is an inspiration to so many.”


Bethany Conner


Michelle Saunders


Teri Potter


Deborah Kee




Victoria Shield


Jean Sando


Toni Nitins


Genevieve Curl


Rebekah Kephart



Appearances in the Hall of Fame are available to anyone who supports Autistic Not Weird with $3 (or more) per month. Enormous and genuine thanks to each and every one of those people, and to those who donate $1 a month for access to Autistic Not Weird’s private support group.

The Patreon page, for anybody else who would like to appear on this page, can be found by clicking this sentence.


Thanks so much, all of you!



Chris Bonnello / Captain Quirk

Chris Bonnello is an autism speaker, available to lead talks and training sessions from the perspective of an autistic former teacher. For further information please click here (opens in new window).




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